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HAITI: Beyond the Headlines Photo Book

HAITI: Beyond the Headlines Photo Book

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HAITI: Beyond the Headlines

Though it has faced many challenges, Haiti remains a proud nation filled with beauty, art, and joy. In spite of the unrest and negative headlines coming out of the capital of Port-au-Prince, this beautiful 120-page photo book aims to showcase the many positive aspects of daily life in Haiti that are often overlooked.

It explores the country's tropical landscapes, from its mountainous interior to its sandy beaches along clear turquoise waters. Haiti's cities, towns, and countryside come alive through images of bustling downtown scenes and serene pastures, dirt roads and pick-up soccer games.

Most importantly, these photographs tell the stories of the Haitian people, their unwavering faith, generosity, and sense of community.

(After the hard cost of the book, $40 of every purchase will go directly to support our ministry in Haiti! You can increase that amount by making an additional donation to your order.)


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